About the company

About the company

אורטופדיהFit Step Pro, the orthopedic center for foot health is the largest, leading orthopedic store chain in Israel, with national distribution of approximately 20 branches across the country.

Fit Step Pro specializes primarily in the manufacture and sale of designated, leading-edge insoles that are the fruit of the store chain's development for athletes and those who suffer from various orthopedic problems, for the correction of foot position and unbalanced body posture.

Fit Step Pro's professional staff includes master physiotherapists who have worked with leading European sports clubs, master orthotic reflexologists, active and former athletes, material designers, production staff and managerial staff.

The store chain was founded in Tel Aviv in 1956 by Mr. Zion Yakov, an orthotic specialist in the building of shoes and insoles, second generation of insole and orthopedic footwear builders and founders of the field of orthopedic institutes in Israel.  Today, Mr. Yakov serves as honorary president of the store chain and consulting expert for special and complex problems, as well as leader of the store chain's R&D team.

Fit Step Pro has approximately 20 branches across the country and at the relevant professional sports centers in Israel, including at the Olympic Committee House in Hadar Yoseph, at Kfar Maccabia in Ramat Gan and the Aviv Alliance Sport Center – a training field for Maccabi Youth and Maccabi Tel Aviv children.

Fit Step Pro provides orthopedic services to those insured for health maintenance organizations in Israel, insurance companies, organizations for the disabled in Israel and top clubs, sports teams and players.

Fit Step Pro grants service to top athletes and professional runners in Israel and has been selected by most top sports groups and coaches in Israel as the most trustworthy and highest quality store chain in the country.