Fit Step Pro enjoys exclusivity contracts with leading companies in Germany and around the world for the import, production and marketing of Marathon Pro insoles, Marathon insoles and Galvanized Graphite insoles, based on advanced technologies & polymers and dynamic materials that stores and returns energy when performing sports activities.  Athletic insoles of these materials are considered to be cutting-edge products that have been selected for use by top runners, ball players and sports associations in Israel.

The store chain is the only group in Israel that exclusively markets adjustable telescopic carbon products for the insole industry (galvanized graphite) in Israel and enables the customer to attain maximal adjustment and accuracy of hard and semi-hard insoles with the performance of significant changes in the insole base even after prolonged use.

Fit Step Pro has accumulated extensive knowledge in response to the most complex of problems.  This knowledge stems from the work of the store chain's R&D department, which has established breakthroughs in the field of insole construction in Israel and around the world.  The department constantly strives to find solutions to complex problems and to develop advanced products for continuous improvement of their insoles.

Fit Step Pro has been selected by most top coaches and sports teams as the most trustworthy, highest quality store chain in Israel.  The company regularly supplies insoles to Maccabi Tel Aviv youth and to the top five players on the adult team:  David Blu, Ricky Hickman, Devin Smith, Shawn James and Nikola Vujčić.

Fit Step Pro provides service to approximately 35 sports organizations, associations and groups, including:  Ramat Hasharon and AC Nes Ziona (handball), Israeli national team in women's football, Tennis Association (sponsor granting coverage for Master's Tournament in Israel), Ramat Hen women's basketball, Jonathan Erlich (Israeli national tennis player), Ruth Edelman (Maccabia champion with 2 gold medals and mythological adult tennis champion in Israel), Sheli Korlitzki (Israeli tennis champion for ages of up to 14 years), Karima Christmas (basketball player for Maccabi Ramat Gan and WNBA champion), Jan Talesnikov (former national Israeli footballer), Ronen Harazi (former footballer for Israeli national team and Spanish Salmanica team), Guy Azori (football coach and former player), Assaf Bimaro (6-time Israeli marathon champion) and Shlomi Leon (Israeli champion in 10,000 meter run).

The store chain engages in extensive activities in different population sectors, at all levels.  Among others, it grants service to top officials in the religious sector, including Rabbi Zamir Hacohen, president of Hidavrut Organization, Rabbi Ido Webber of Radio Kol Berama and Rabbi Mahpud, head of the Kashrut Department in Israel.


We at Fit Step Pro are aware of the physiological and hormonal changes taking place in a woman's body during pregnancy that enable the creation and growth of the fetus but which are occasionally accompanied by various orthopedic problems like back, knee and foot pain stemming from a heel spur, metatarsalgia, calf muscle cramps, varicosis in the legs and more.

Fit Step Pro specializes in the construction and production of insoles for pregnant women that combine hard and soft materials in a thin, particularly lightweight insole, resulting in a considerable decrease in pain due to the distribution of weight placed on the foot, a reduction in weight on the painful areas, an improvement in blood circulation, a decrease in cramps and swelling, and a balance in posture, which eases back and knee pain.


Our Fit Step Pro staff has extensive knowledge and experience in resolving common orthopedic problems among children and infants.


Our Fit Step Pro staff has extensive knowledge and experience in resolving common orthopedic problems among soldiers.  Coverage provided for Shaldag Marathon.

Competitions and Events

Our store chain regularly participates in different sports events and grants coverage to excelling athletes.