Diagnosis and Testing

Diagnosis and Testing


For many years, Fit Step Pro has operated a professional research and development center, utilizing empirical and biological research to manufacture the best insoles in Israel.
The insoles are manufactured in Germany of the most advanced polymer materials in the world, and excel in the combination of intensifying strength with shock absorbers according to the customer's required focal points of stability.
The company offers a wide variety of insoles adapted to various target publics, ranging from insoles to improve stability for toddlers, professional insoles for various sports, to insoles for active soldiers and insoles to treat problems linked to walking and posture, such as heel spurs.
The company particularly excels in the manufacture of a line of insoles designated for different sports: running, jumping, walking, cycling and insoles for children, soldiers and for high heeled shoes.

Diagnosis of Movement and Posture
The diagnostic process is comprehensive and thorough in attaining optimal stability during running, walking and/or prolonged standing, via special designated software and measuring instruments developed by the company.
We begin with filling out Pro Diagnosis forms with details provided by the customer, including orthopedic history, present physical activity, ongoing treatments, etc.
Afterwards we move on to a computerized review of stability/posture – where we test the distribution of loads and position of the feet; we detect and mark pressure points and problematic points on the feet, such as spurs, inflammation of the plantar fascia, metatarsalgia, hallux valgus, etc.
Further on, we perform a stability test using a sophisticated laser system – forensic analysis, suforensics, height discrepancies, incorrect position of shoulders, collapse, etc.
Afterwards, a dynamic testing is performed during walking/running – the customer walks (and then runs) on a treadmill, where the activity is filmed by an orthopedic technician, and then the movement is mechanically analyzed by computer, testing the manner in which the feet land on the surface, as well as the system of foot loading during activity.
When the movement diagnosis is completed, we perform a general evaluation on insole fitting according to the parameters examined throughout the process, and recommendations are listed for insole construction in the company's production department.

Extensive range
Fit Step Pro offers an extensive range of insoles suited to all target publics and a tremendous range of requirements. We feel sure we can offer you the perfect insole.