R&D Department

R&D Department

מידרסיםFit Step Pro's research and development department is the store chain's "secret formula" and a trailblazer in the field of insole construction in Israel and across the world.

This department has developed advanced methods for insole construction according to the principle that every foot differs from its partner by thousands of parameters and therefore the entire process begins with diagnosis of the foot, determination of patient's requirements (sport, health, improvement in posture, etc.), an analysis of movement and posture by store chain experts, an examination of the effects of using various raw materials according to the nature of the customer's activities and needs, techniques to produce a foot impression and methods to attain optimal accuracy in insole construction.

Achievements of the R&D department:

Development of advanced production methods designated to resolve various orthopedic problems.

Setting strict standards for the construction of insoles for athletes, according to the sport and nature of activity.

Development of methods for use of special materials for closest adaptation and to provide optimal response to user's needs.

Research on effect of insole use on sports results over time.

The Quality Control (QC) department regularly examines raw materials in use by the store chain and manages contacts with the best global raw material manufacturers to find the most advanced and highest quality polymers and materials for store chain utilization.

Department representatives regularly participate in professional international seminars.

The department conducts professional contacts with leading global individuals and groups in Germany and the USA.