Store chain Staff

Store chain Staff

Fit Step Pro's professional staff includes top physiotherapists who have worked with leading European sports clubs, top reflexologists, podiatrists, experts in diagnosis of posture and movement, active and former athletes, material processors and designers, production staff and managerial staff.

Our entire staff has extensive experience and the highest level of service awareness in the resolving of problems to the full satisfaction of our customers.

Mr. Roni Yakov, CEO and Chairman of Fit Step Pro Store chain

Certified reflexologist, Reidman Institute.

Architectural engineering and design

Orthotics specialist and expert in diagnosis of movement and posture.

Holds store chain's business development and external relations portfolios.

Languages:  English and Hebrew.


Mr. Ofer Nahum, Deputy Director

Orthotics specialist and expert in diagnosis of movement and posture.

Consultant to top Israeli athletes on movement and posture.

Holds store chain's internal relations portfolio.

Languages:  English and Hebrew.


Mrs. Yehudit Leibovitz, Store chain Accountant

Certified senior accountant, Fit Step Pro store chain accountant

Extensive experience in accounting and payroll.

Formerly served  as head accountant at Paz Gaz.

Languages:  Romanian (mother tongue), German, English and Hebrew.


Mr. Mahmoud Gara, Arab Sector Portfolio

Certified physiotherapist.

Graduate of physiotherapy studies at University of Brescia, Italy.

Specialized in physiotherapy for professional Italian football team Brescia Calcio Football Club.

Holds store chain's Arab sector portfolio.

Languages:  Italian, Arabic, English and Hebrew.


Mr. Uzi Daniel, Religious Sector Portfolio

Certified reflexologist, Riedman Institute.

Expert in diagnosis of movement and posture.

Directs store chain branch in Neve Savyon and professionally supervises store chain branch in Elad.

Socially active in religious sector, with close contacts with senior Israeli rabbis; holds store chain's religious Haredi sector portfolio.

Languages:  Hebrew, English and Arabic.


Mr. Shimi Stekler, Sports Portfolio

Certified reflexologist, Reidman Institute.

Senior sports reflexologist and expert in diagnosis of movement and posture.

Directs Tel Aviv Alianis branch, Kfar Hamaccabia Ramat Gan and Haifa Tennis Center.

Holds store chain's sports portfolio.

Languages:  Russian, English and Hebrew.


Mrs. Rivka Brilia, Production Processes Manager

Born in Lausanne, Switzerland.

B.Sc. in Materials Design from HES-SO Western University, Switzerland.

Store chain's Operations manager & Production manager, senior consultant in material design.

Languages:  French (mother tongue), German, English and Hebrew.


Mrs. Hani Potter, Large Events Manager

Senior fitness coach and hydrotherapist, graduate of Wingate Institute.

More than 20 years of experience in coaching groups and individuals for national sports championships and group marathons for various ages.

Serves as consultant for rehabilitation from sports injuries, specializes in diagnosis of motion and posture.


Mr. Ziv Pat, Director of store chain's physiotherapy institute

Expert in diagnosis of motion and posture.

Director of store chain branch in Elad and of store chain's physiotherapy institute.

Languages:  English and Hebrew.


Mr. Moti Hachmon, Director of Gadera branch

Specializesx in diagnosis of movement an dposture within store chain framework.

Former director of chain stores in aesthetics in Denmark.

Languages:  Danis, Norwegian, Swedish, English and Hebrew.


Mrs. Ayelet Kapeta, Product Manager

B.Sc. in Biotechnology,  M.BA. in Business Administration, Hebrew University.

Store chain's Product manager and R&D manager, specializing in development of biomechanical techniques for materials.

Languages:  Hebrew, English and basic German.


Mrs. Luda Lisnitz, Branch Director

Directs Yehud branch, Kanyon Hasavyonim.


Mrs. Yelizabeta Shtapinsky, Branch Director

Directs Rohovot branch.


Mrs. Christina Gordon, Branch Director

Directs Olympic Committee branch, Tel Aviv.


Mrs. Paulina Sohinina, Branch Director

Directs Jerusalem branch.


Mr. Ami Adir

In charge of maintenance and operations of Fit Step Pro store chain.


Kobi Yakov, attorney, accountant, external consultant

Legal and financial consultant.